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Non-analytical approach is the essence of Sri Vidya sadhana

- Sri Guru Karunamaya

Sri Guru Karunamaya

"Having a  living guru is a great blessing especially someone who can share, teach and tailor special spiritual  practices for you life enhancement . I was given Mantra Diksha by Amritananda Saraswati in Devipuram and was told by him that he would always be there with me .  In 2015 he left his body and  few days later i went to Devipuram . As I was sitting down in the temple a lady  teacher came up to me and said "I will come to visit you next year on the way to the US" . I smiled and thanked her.....

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- Vivekanandhan, Olivium.it, Italy

What people are saying...

Guruji day I saw your classes on YouTube, even though I had not met you at that point I have been following the virtues you mentioned. It took me almost for 3 years to meet you personally. Even if we follow just 20 % of your teaching, we get 80 % of the benefit. 

Basic and advanced class teaching are mind blowing. I feel blessed to be chosen by the Mother to learn the knowledge of Sri Vidya

- Shashidhar, Bangalore, India

Sri matre namaha. Namaskaram guruji. I just finished watching the Sri Vidya videos online today. I was filled with so much joy and tears were rolling from my eyes for the knowledge you imparted really has changed my way of thinking. I was unaware of the great teacher Mata had guided me towards. I did Lalita saharanamam namavalli last navratri and asked for guidance from Mata and she guided me to you. The way you taught japa is nothing I had heard of before. I am indebted to you forever. 

- Sangeeta, Dubai

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"I met Guruji in August, 2016 in Toronto. I took Sri Vidya basic classes. Since August my life is on right path and so happy. Guruji is so caring and approachable that he guides us at every step. So gratefull that I met Guruji and Ma Ushaji"

​- Ranjit, Canada